As I write this I am sitting on a bus on my way to visit my nephew.  I guess I will start by telling you the story of my little shop.  

The Honey bagger was born out of my love of creativity, sewing, fabrics, and my love of one of a kind purses. I strive to find a wide variety of fabrics that “speak” to aspects of my customer’s personalities. My fabric purses are one offs and I have recently added sparkle vinyl to my collection, While they are not one offs, they are the definition of arm candy! All my designs are created by me, and my aim is to provide people with unique bags that will last for years to come.

Well that sounded good, that was actually the blurb on my One of a Kind application. I found out yesterday that is didn't get in, but I am on the waiting list.  Talk about hard to swallow.  But I plan to focus on getting more items, especially purses into my shop.   It can be hard at times, to make the time to sew.  I love it, but I also work a full time job so it gets busy.

On top of that I am trying to find the time to get myself into shape.  I have spent too much time talking and thinking about it rather than actually doing it! 

Anyway enough for now, I will leave you with some pics of my newest purse....