Talk about a feeling of accomplishment! I was able to get up into my sewing room so much this weekend! I have tried to sew 9-11am on Saturdays and Sunday's to make sure that I have time to create. Balancing a full time job and The Honey Bagger is definitely hard at times, but I love it.  I'm in the middle of creating a new purse style, a hobo bag.  I think it will be a great addition to my current purses.  But as with any new design, it is two steps forward and one step back.

But that is to be expected when you make your own patterns! That said regular patterns are hard enough as well! I have a 1910 pattern for a shirt that my mother-in-law wants my to make but that is a task for a week off!!! 

Looking forward to creating some new designs in 2017, becoming more focused on my purses.  I want to add new items to my shop, one yard of fabric at a time. One yard will yield only a single purse, plus a makeup bag, makeup pouch and some change purses.  I am very excited about this as it will truly make each purse one of a kind!